Fundación Siembra was born in 1997. In the same year, a research grant was obtained with the Boyacá Mixed Culture Fund. project "Digging Our Chore: Research and Dissemination of the Various Cultural Chore of Boyacá: Forgotten Lives". Ethnographic research in the Municipality of Belén to its base organizations and in the Municipality of Turmequé to a cultor.

Patchwork Story

Rodrigo Siabatto Piracón

Winning projects Call for Stimuli to the Culture Sector
"Sogamoso Task of All" 2020

Nolcy Elena Armenta Meneses
Gilma Beatriz Siabato

Poetic Recital A Rhythm of Heaven
Poet: © Nolcy Elena Armenta

Music, Photography
and Audiovisual Production:
© Rodrigo Siabatto

Sogamoseña Identity
© Gilma Beatriz Siabato

Sonata Truth
(Instrumental Song Bolero)

Author and Composer: © Rodrigo Siabatto

Rodrigo Siabatto: Quena
Edelberto Camacho: Piano

Photography and Audiovisual production:
© Rodrigo Siabatto

Cultural manager, musician and teacher, author and composer, weaver, maker of autochthonous musical instruments, workshop owner, writer and illustrator, graphic designer, photographer and digital creator, editorial and audiovisual producer.
Poet Writer, Psychosocial Sensitizer, Therapist, Lecturer and Workshop Worker. Ethnographic researcher; Director of the Poetry School for AmArte program,
Director of the Poetic Talk El Trino de la Tarde; Columnist for several newspapers in the region; conducting, presentation and voice-over of the Art-project Cultural Audiovisual Magazine program
Craftswoman, teacher and knitting workshop.
Between June and August 2003, we created and executed the project "MURAL PARA LA VIDA, PINTAR PARA CONTIRIR VIVIENDO, CONVIVENCIA Y PAZ" ,. In the Municipality of Nobsa, Barrio Nazareth We brought together 132 plastic artists from Colombia, interacting and contributing their talent and human values.
In 2007 we created and developed the Diploma in the Study of Values and Poetics, bringing together 15 boyacense poets., Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture. and the Open and Distance University UNAD.
We have carried out an important work of Research, awareness, training and advice in human values and artistic education, to students, parents and teachers, in: El Taller de Winie Poo Kindergarten, Campestre La Rana René School, Kindergarten Steps, Institutions Educativas La Magdalena, Inseandes, Silvestre Arenas, Inocencio Chincá, Ciudad del Sol, among others, in different Educational Institutions of Boyacá and Colombia (1997 - 2020).
In 2015 we developed the project "Artistic Awareness for a Change of Attitude towards the Environment in Sogamoso Select at the Source", with the sponsorship of Coservicios S.A. E. S. P ,. Sogamoso Municipal Mayor's Office and Ministry of Development and Environment.
We intervene the parks, rivers and sectors of the city with poetry, to stimulate citizen awareness.